lock down & online sex work

hey people …. so online sex work it seems Easy right …… errrrr WRONG.

we face many issues from being Outted to working long hard hours for little return some days, online sex work has its good days and it has its bad days, so you need to save that cash and budget.

you need to pay for adverts equipment and the hours are long and hard. I make my own clips – films edit them and deal with everything that is involved on my fan site.

Its not just taking selfies !

now sure some people will come into online sex work and they will fly it BUT for most of us have had to work long and hard to get to where we are

I myself took a break after being “Outted” by my partners so called friends and harassed online and offline by “civilians” who thought as a “wife” I should be sat at home like they were and deffo not working a job in sex work.

there are also issues with friends, its a true friend who takes you as you are , sexwork and all.

I have worked with in the adult industry full time now for a year.

In that time I have made some good friends and I have learnt to realise not everyone is your friend too and you need to be careful what info you share.

and after I made a choice to OWN what I do , things started to work for me and I have a small following now on twitter and insta and even Facebook.

I made the choice to invest in my brand, and filming my own content for re sale on fan sites,

and like many I joined onlyfanss. but with so many reports of people being thrown off and money going missing and myself having had pay go “missing” and then a nightmare getting a reply from them I went hunting for a new “fan site” the biggest issue I am finding is sites based in the usa have to stick to usa rules and even when your in the uk, if you also do a job that breaks the laws where the site is based they can throw you off without much you can do.

so deffo a UK fan site is deffo needed that is HIGH quality and offers options to sex workers and clients as well as looking good.

the best option I have found is justforfans and fan baits , if adultwork had a fan option they would be perfect but they don’t. admire me vip is also good too

so these are issues ive faced without Covid being a issue !

now with Covid I am facing more issues, my office closed down so I had no where to work as I am not allowed to work from home due to rules of my tenancy. so I had to stop work for weeks and weeks until I found a new and open office space , I have been lucky as it is fairly affordable.

I even called my local police force to check I was ok to rent and go back to work. and took advice from trading standards support line. ( I did have a call back from the social distancing team who advised me that shooting with anyone outside of my household was a big no no but as I was only planning to work alone that was fine – they did suggest this could change in June but couldn’t give me any more info)

I have found while more people are calling and wanting to play , more people are also wasting my time, and worse more people are openly abusive towards sex workers.

you only have to look at the guy on twitter of late who has been outing women and telling family members , after subscribing to their fan sites to see how twisted some people can be. as someone who has been outted I know how painful and hurtful this is.

I suppose to sum up my point is , people need to think before they start online sex work.

can you deal with the fact that you could get , once its online its online forever is a rule I have lived by and I have come to realise you need to tough skin in this job.

sites that I find are good

avn stars / many vids / justforfans / adultwork / Fanbaits / pornhub / admire me

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