interview with crystal denison 18+ only

1. Where are you from?

wiltshire , i’m a bit of a country girl 😉 

2.What interests and hobbies do you have?

i love shopping , horse riding , going out for a meal with friends , enjoy a good party too or a naughty gangbang 😉 

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world with whoever you wanted, where would you go and who would you take?

pig island – and i would take my bestie with me @katiekaydavis 

4. Who’s your celebrity crush?

  gosh …… urmmmmmm i had a thing for alex Reid for a while  he’s very very hot and i would deffo fuck him lol 😂 

5. What’s your favourite part of yourself and why?

my ass it’s big and bouncy lol 

6. What’s your biggest turn on?

   for me it’s how a guy smells , he has to smell good 

7. What’s your favourite sexual position? 

doggy lol i like it hard deep and fast

8. Do you have any sexual fantasies?

 gangbangs – and luckily i get to do them 😉 

9. What’s your most embarrassing sexual moment?

    falling off a stage while doing a live girl girl show  

10. What’s your favourite sex toy?

doxy ….. you can’t beat them . i need a new one  hint hint guys xx 

11. Describe your ideal sexual partner.

a sexworker , i think the best partner would be someone who also is in the job 

12. Who would you like to work with the most within the adult entertainment industry?

i’ve been very lucky and gotten to work with some big names already , sophie anderson , luke hardy , i’m booked in to work with a few other big names in september.   i love working with other bbw women too xx 

13. How did you get into adult work?

i was a stripper lol so it was a natural progression 

14.what else would you be doing if not this?

i have no clue haha i love this job ! i wouldn’t see me doing anything else 

15. When was the first time you saw porn?

 a friends sleep over we found her mums lesbian porn lol 

16. Is there anything you would never do in adult work?

 no shit blood or extreme pain 

17. Is there anything you would love to do in the future?

dp / anal more group stuff and more pro shoots with guys 

18. Is there anyone you admire or take inspiration from in the adult entertainment industry?

   ‪@theeministalli ‬ she’s always been cool and helpful and she never looks down on anyone @LottieXXXLou ‬ ‪is just a pure slut and i love her amazing to work with and super honest and to the point  lol @KatieKaydavis ‬  thro thick and thin she’s had my back x and we have made some
amazing porn together 

19. What would you say to people who think porn is demeaning to women?

  my body my choice so fuck off 😉 xx 

20. What changes would you like to see made in the adult entertainment industry in the next 5 years?

   more rights to people regarding there content and deffo better pay  . testing to be improved all over the uk . not just dean street being 24 hour turn around . 

Thankyou for your time!!

Do you have any links for your work you want to share?   

sure you can follow me on twitter / insta / facebook @crystaldenison 

follow my websites 

i’m also on pornhub / crystaldenison 

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?  

i am always thankful for my fans without them i would be nothing , i love all of you and love chatting to you every day x  

And finally give our followers a reason why they should check you out and what you have to offer them!

errrrr just look at my pics and see why lol

18+ only

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