interview with crystal denison 18+ only

1. Where are you from?

wiltshire , i’m a bit of a country girl 😉 

2.What interests and hobbies do you have?

i love shopping , horse riding , going out for a meal with friends , enjoy a good party too or a naughty gangbang 😉 

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world with whoever you wanted, where would you go and who would you take?

pig island – and i would take my bestie with me @katiekaydavis 

4. Who’s your celebrity crush?

  gosh …… urmmmmmm i had a thing for alex Reid for a while  he’s very very hot and i would deffo fuck him lol 😂 

5. What’s your favourite part of yourself and why?

my ass it’s big and bouncy lol 

6. What’s your biggest turn on?

   for me it’s how a guy smells , he has to smell good 

7. What’s your favourite sexual position? 

doggy lol i like it hard deep and fast

8. Do you have any sexual fantasies?

 gangbangs – and luckily i get to do them 😉 

9. What’s your most embarrassing sexual moment?

    falling off a stage while doing a live girl girl show  

10. What’s your favourite sex toy?

doxy ….. you can’t beat them . i need a new one  hint hint guys xx 

11. Describe your ideal sexual partner.

a sexworker , i think the best partner would be someone who also is in the job 

12. Who would you like to work with the most within the adult entertainment industry?

i’ve been very lucky and gotten to work with some big names already , sophie anderson , luke hardy , i’m booked in to work with a few other big names in september.   i love working with other bbw women too xx 

13. How did you get into adult work?

i was a stripper lol so it was a natural progression 

14.what else would you be doing if not this?

i have no clue haha i love this job ! i wouldn’t see me doing anything else 

15. When was the first time you saw porn?

 a friends sleep over we found her mums lesbian porn lol 

16. Is there anything you would never do in adult work?

 no shit blood or extreme pain 

17. Is there anything you would love to do in the future?

dp / anal more group stuff and more pro shoots with guys 

18. Is there anyone you admire or take inspiration from in the adult entertainment industry?

   ‪@theeministalli ‬ she’s always been cool and helpful and she never looks down on anyone @LottieXXXLou ‬ ‪is just a pure slut and i love her amazing to work with and super honest and to the point  lol @KatieKaydavis ‬  thro thick and thin she’s had my back x and we have made some
amazing porn together 

19. What would you say to people who think porn is demeaning to women?

  my body my choice so fuck off 😉 xx 

20. What changes would you like to see made in the adult entertainment industry in the next 5 years?

   more rights to people regarding there content and deffo better pay  . testing to be improved all over the uk . not just dean street being 24 hour turn around . 

Thankyou for your time!!

Do you have any links for your work you want to share?   

sure you can follow me on twitter / insta / facebook @crystaldenison 

follow my websites 

i’m also on pornhub / crystaldenison 

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?  

i am always thankful for my fans without them i would be nothing , i love all of you and love chatting to you every day x  

And finally give our followers a reason why they should check you out and what you have to offer them!

errrrr just look at my pics and see why lol

18+ only

lock down & online sex work

hey people …. so online sex work it seems Easy right …… errrrr WRONG.

we face many issues from being Outted to working long hard hours for little return some days, online sex work has its good days and it has its bad days, so you need to save that cash and budget.

you need to pay for adverts equipment and the hours are long and hard. I make my own clips – films edit them and deal with everything that is involved on my fan site.

Its not just taking selfies !

now sure some people will come into online sex work and they will fly it BUT for most of us have had to work long and hard to get to where we are

I myself took a break after being “Outted” by my partners so called friends and harassed online and offline by “civilians” who thought as a “wife” I should be sat at home like they were and deffo not working a job in sex work.

there are also issues with friends, its a true friend who takes you as you are , sexwork and all.

I have worked with in the adult industry full time now for a year.

In that time I have made some good friends and I have learnt to realise not everyone is your friend too and you need to be careful what info you share.

and after I made a choice to OWN what I do , things started to work for me and I have a small following now on twitter and insta and even Facebook.

I made the choice to invest in my brand, and filming my own content for re sale on fan sites,

and like many I joined onlyfanss. but with so many reports of people being thrown off and money going missing and myself having had pay go “missing” and then a nightmare getting a reply from them I went hunting for a new “fan site” the biggest issue I am finding is sites based in the usa have to stick to usa rules and even when your in the uk, if you also do a job that breaks the laws where the site is based they can throw you off without much you can do.

so deffo a UK fan site is deffo needed that is HIGH quality and offers options to sex workers and clients as well as looking good.

the best option I have found is justforfans and fan baits , if adultwork had a fan option they would be perfect but they don’t. admire me vip is also good too

so these are issues ive faced without Covid being a issue !

now with Covid I am facing more issues, my office closed down so I had no where to work as I am not allowed to work from home due to rules of my tenancy. so I had to stop work for weeks and weeks until I found a new and open office space , I have been lucky as it is fairly affordable.

I even called my local police force to check I was ok to rent and go back to work. and took advice from trading standards support line. ( I did have a call back from the social distancing team who advised me that shooting with anyone outside of my household was a big no no but as I was only planning to work alone that was fine – they did suggest this could change in June but couldn’t give me any more info)

I have found while more people are calling and wanting to play , more people are also wasting my time, and worse more people are openly abusive towards sex workers.

you only have to look at the guy on twitter of late who has been outing women and telling family members , after subscribing to their fan sites to see how twisted some people can be. as someone who has been outted I know how painful and hurtful this is.

I suppose to sum up my point is , people need to think before they start online sex work.

can you deal with the fact that you could get , once its online its online forever is a rule I have lived by and I have come to realise you need to tough skin in this job.

sites that I find are good

avn stars / many vids / justforfans / adultwork / Fanbaits / pornhub / admire me


Tricks and Tips on shooting clips on a budget. Credit –

If you’re starting out in terms of shooting your own clips for “many vids” or” just for fans” etc, you might be thinking just where to start. Well hopefully some of the information below should be enough to get you started. 

When considering the options available, I’ve tried to work with no-budget to a £300 budget as a start up cost. Truth be told, you can spend £1000’s on cameras and equipment, but each jump in cost has marginal returns (and remember, you need to make money off your clips at the end of the day!), so this is all about getting the best bang for your buck or getting started.


If you’re making clips for your fans site, you can start out with a smart phone if you don’t have anything else to hand. Anything in the past couple of years (this article was written in spring 2020) could do the job at a push. It’s not goign to be fantastic, but there are a couple of simple tricks and tips which should greatly imrove the quality of your clips

1) use landscape mode – yes, hold the phone in landscape, nothing worse than holding it in portrait and only having a 3rd of the screen filled when you post your clips!

2) white balance – more about lighting below, but did you wonder why you look too yellow / blue in your clips? Well, white light has a ‘colour’. To get the camera to capture the light as you see it, you need to adjust white balance. This is available on most smart phone, but you have to go into advance settings. To set white balance, get a white sheet of printer paper and adjust the colour ‘temperature’ or daylight/flourscent lamp/shade settings until the paper looks white. Well done, you now don’t looks like an oompa loompa or a member of the simpsons 🙂

3) Learn to hold the camera – Don’t do what they call ‘fire hosing’ with the camera, ie. rapidly point it whatever you think is interesting. Hold on a shot for at least 10-20 seconds. Slow, gentle movements of the camera. If you have someone to help, use them. If you don’t have anyone who can help, get a cheap tripod. All of this makes editing easier or means you don’t need to edit as much. Stabilising video is a pain and jerky video makes you look unprofessional. Other options include using a go-pro, which has some stabilisation built in and masses of mounting options (at a cost!).

4) light your subject/scene better – before investing in a ‘better camera’ try making better use of lighting (more on this later). 

5) Improve your camera – Pro tip, if you shoot video out doors in sunlight and you get great results, your camera is ‘probably’ good enough. You need to invest more in lighting than a camera. If your image still doens’t look up to scratch, then yes, it’s probably time to think about another camera. Thankfully, there’s lots of options availale now days to get good quality video on a budget. 

As a step up from a phone, I’d reccomend a standard consumer camcorder. I’m personlly a big user of Canon. Most items from the LEGRIA range should be fine. You can pick up somethig decent (HD) for less than £100 from ebay. I personally wouldn’t buy new, but invest more into lighting and sound. The minimum spec that I’d go for are Full HD (1080p) 24 Mbit data rate, decent battery (including charger if you’re buying second hand), HDMI out and ideally an audio IN port. A camcorder is small, portable and you can do indoor/outdoor clips.

If you’re looking for an alternative, a second hand GoPro is also a good bet. I have a Hero 6, but you do need to set these up properly for the best video quality (plenty of you tibe videos on that). A GoPro has the advantage of being very portable (so great for POV and exhibitionist pics) and the later models also shoot 4k with quite nice colours. battery life isn’t great, but hey. 

Prosumer cameras – ok, these are a step up in quality, but they also require you to learn more about how to use them. At this stage, you really DONT need a £1000 camera

Pro – Ok, we’re now talking about 2k+ cameras. Yes, for obvious reasons, they can do more than a phone or simple camcorder (the image quality is vastly improved), but you really don’t need this for porn. But if you know someone with one, use it 🙂

In terms of stills, a cheap brand name point and shoot camera is always going to be better than your phone. It doesn’t need to be a silly number of megapixels, but a good brand (sony, canon etc). I also prefer proper stills versus screen caps from video for promotion, it just sets the quality of your work  a bit higher.


Ok, I’m assuming that you may have spent £100 of your budget on a 2nd hand camcorder. The next need is good lighting. 

If you’re using your garden/ourdoors, well, you don’t need anything. Natural sunlight is the best lighting that you’re going to get for free/cheap. This can also include shooting next to big windows if indoors (e.g. patio doors / conservatories). Remember, don’t shoot into the window (else you’ll end up with a silouette), but in the same direction as the light enters the window.

If you can’t use natural light, then what lights do you have in the house that you could re-purpose? Work lights, desk lamps, ceiling lights? These lights aren’t ideal (they all have different colour temperatures and rendition indexes), but if that’s all that you have.

The next step up is to buy a cheapish kit. Big compact flourescent lights tend to be the best cheap option. Normally listed as a studio softbox kit or CFL kit on ebay. Getting the stands and softboxes with them keeps your costs down. I’d go for the highest wattage that you can (~1300w in total), plus find a set which has a temperature of about 5600K. What sets the cheap ones apart from a decent set is the colour rendering index of >95 (normally listed as CI). The colour index is really what makes your skin tone look normal. A cheap set will light the scene but make the colours a bit weird, or downright crap.

CFLs aren’t very transportable, so if you do need to move them a lot, I’d reccomend looking at LED lights. Once again, not all lights are the same, look at the CI.

In terms of how much light, well, light follows the inverse square rule. Simply, if you move the lights twice as far from  the subject, you only get an 8th of the light on the subject (e.g. moving a light to 2M an 800W bulb is the equivalent of a 100W bulb). Can’t afford more expensive lights, move them closer or move the camera closer 🙂

Depending upon your budget, I’d also reccomend looking into a ring light. A cheap one at about £30 will do, but try and pick one which will fit on a light stand. You can use this for addtional fill light and to get catchlights in your eyes.


Try watching a great film with the sound off. it’s rubbish. Try watching porn with the sound off, it’s not as good. 

If you’ve invested in the camera and lights, you’ve probably chewed through £200 of your budget. The cheapest option you might have (other than the microphone on the video camara) is a cheap laveleer mic from ebay. For a more directional micropone, I’d suggest a takstar sgc-598 which you could plug into your camera. If you want to go to another level up, I’d reccomend a zoom H1, but then you’re adding complexity in terms of edting.

If you need to do re-dubbing on any audio and you want a good sound booth, just record your audio under your duvet, boom, instant sound booth!

Other bits and pieces

Sd cards – only get good ones DIRECT from Amazon (not resellers on amazon), there are a lot of fakes out there. Do you want to lose your precious footage?

Tripods: Get a cheap second hand one from ebay for about 10-20 quid. Look for a fluid head

Light stands: second hand on ebay for 10-20 quid each

Umbrellas – a great alternative for softboxes (and in my view, better for porn) – £5-10, new or second hand on ebay.

Storage: external hard drives to share footage at a shoot or back up your own work. Look for 1-2TB drives from Western Digital or Samsung. They are quality brands which should last


FREE – yes, you can get great free software. Packages, I’d reccomend would include:

Audacity – for editing audio, and removing noise. Please clean up your audio, no one wants to hear the hiss in the background!

Davinci Resolve – for video editing, maybe a bit overkill for most, but the standard version is free (and it’s got all that you need at this stage plus a whole lot more)

Picture editing – Free and like a lite version of photoshop. It’s good enough to do some basic work such as sticking your logo on your pictures or creating a logo to stick on your video clips to limit piracy. One you get good at it, you can also remove blemishes from stills and ‘photoshop’ images. 

Using the software is a bit outside of the scope of this text. But there are other option such as imovie if you’re simply creating clips on your phone. 


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Well today i learnt of a new trend, a new thing you could say

(ok so i must of been living under  a rock as its not all that new) DEEP FAKE PORN.

so from my understanding this is where someone records porn or steals it and then face swaps there face with someone else. And it looks REAL.

now this could be harmless if done as a comedy spoof with everyone having there clothes on, And done in good humour.

 But when you are making things look real and putting it out as porn, and as real.

This is when things take a evil twist in my mind.

as a camgirl myself and new porn actress it took time to make the decision to go “public” i had to think if i do this then this is forever. once its out there its OUT.

and if i was not in porn and someone did this, put my face on porn this could cause so much emotional harm. I mean it looks so real.

so for others it could cause all sorts of issues, within jobs , family, relationships.

I am assuming the new trend is more focused on celebs, as they are what will get views for this kind of thing, but as i looked into it online it seems they are targeting anyone

the online troll culture has bred a class of persons who want to cause harm.

in a past job i have had to deal with trolls, i worked for a makeup company selling makeup online and doing online makeup videos and the trolls loved to come and tease

now i was lucky they were pretty harmless when i had to deal with them, you play along with them and joke back and as long as you dont get upset things wont go sour i have found, but i do know people who trolls have taken a more serious dislike to, who have gone all out on and bullied that person into closing down a buisness

What harm can deep fake porn do to my buisness.

a first thought is very little, altho it is very vulgar and creepy for me personally as my face is out there it cant be used to out me. But as i write more i get more to thinking, and its worrying.  it also could cause mistrust even more between clients and camgirls. as there are already so many fakes and scammers now we have a computer system that can fake even a vertification video. and this could be a real issue for me personally even as a real person.

What harm can it do to porn as a whole.

now this is where things get mucky, people could use it to OUT people. they could use videos of people who dont show there face and make up a whole new person. they could use real porn and make out its anyone. Plus these sites are so full of viruses they could be stealing your personal information photos videos anything.   and it seems some people dont care as long as they can watch someone, not caring that that person isnt doing porn, it brngs a whole new meaning to leaking a sex tape. and its not right at all.

so when asked what harm can this do to me, and my buisness i now say back what good could it do as i cant see any good from this kind of vulgar shit

while people might wanna jerk off to there fav celeb, maybe its about time they did something better and paid for there porn and supported the new breed of porn made by real people.

i myself self publish all my porn, i film (with help) edit and publish my work. i Never do a shoot i dont get the content and rights too, this makes me a little more assertive with my work. and some dislike this unfortuantly. but This is my job and i have had issues in the past when i first started porn some 8 years ago (i decided it wasnt for me back then) where i went away and never got copies of my work.

 so this is why i now only do it how i do it.  i have to protect my income and my buisness.

I will obviously be flexible to some people but on a whole this is how i work.  I mean if your in my porn bucketlist i might push it to 2 weeks lol but my point is this is my job and i take it seriously. 

well i went off topic there lol but i am sure you get my point

you can come and check nout what i do on pornhub , twitter and insta my user name is the same crystaldenison

Gangbang with Sophie Anderson, Crystal Denison AND Katie Kay 21st Jan

hey guys Myself (crystaldenison) and Sophie Anderson (the cock destroyer) and Katie Kay are hosting a slutfest GANGBANG in Bristol at The famous Dare2Club venue.

The venue address is : 1 Alfred Street, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0RF

you can see our xxx movies from the live show we did together here and NOW ALL THE FOOTAGE FROM THE GANGBANG AT

here are some pics from our last time together

General election …

So it’s starting to look like we might have a general election … who the feck do I vote for i mean who can be trusted to keep there word …. I mean they isn’t held accountable for telling lies and until then they will just talk crap to get votes

they obv need to be pro sex work , and looking at reducing pollution. And putting money into the nhs and police Armed forces and so on

God knows lol

A weeks rest

Well this week is my week off ……. haha week off my ass lol. I have downtime planned but unfortunately the weather is crappy so i am now home and looking into making a list of videos to make in the up coming weeks when i am back in work

If you guys have ANY ideas of what you wanna see me do , dont be shy you can join my onlyfans and tell me what you wanna see

Also FUCKAFAN is back on BUT guys you will only be picked if you are a active member of my onlyfans !