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Well today i learnt of a new trend, a new thing you could say

(ok so i must of been living under  a rock as its not all that new) DEEP FAKE PORN.

so from my understanding this is where someone records porn or steals it and then face swaps there face with someone else. And it looks REAL.

now this could be harmless if done as a comedy spoof with everyone having there clothes on, And done in good humour.

 But when you are making things look real and putting it out as porn, and as real.

This is when things take a evil twist in my mind.

as a camgirl myself and new porn actress it took time to make the decision to go “public” i had to think if i do this then this is forever. once its out there its OUT.

and if i was not in porn and someone did this, put my face on porn this could cause so much emotional harm. I mean it looks so real.

so for others it could cause all sorts of issues, within jobs , family, relationships.

I am assuming the new trend is more focused on celebs, as they are what will get views for this kind of thing, but as i looked into it online it seems they are targeting anyone

the online troll culture has bred a class of persons who want to cause harm.

in a past job i have had to deal with trolls, i worked for a makeup company selling makeup online and doing online makeup videos and the trolls loved to come and tease

now i was lucky they were pretty harmless when i had to deal with them, you play along with them and joke back and as long as you dont get upset things wont go sour i have found, but i do know people who trolls have taken a more serious dislike to, who have gone all out on and bullied that person into closing down a buisness

What harm can deep fake porn do to my buisness.

a first thought is very little, altho it is very vulgar and creepy for me personally as my face is out there it cant be used to out me. But as i write more i get more to thinking, and its worrying.  it also could cause mistrust even more between clients and camgirls. as there are already so many fakes and scammers now we have a computer system that can fake even a vertification video. and this could be a real issue for me personally even as a real person.

What harm can it do to porn as a whole.

now this is where things get mucky, people could use it to OUT people. they could use videos of people who dont show there face and make up a whole new person. they could use real porn and make out its anyone. Plus these sites are so full of viruses they could be stealing your personal information photos videos anything.   and it seems some people dont care as long as they can watch someone, not caring that that person isnt doing porn, it brngs a whole new meaning to leaking a sex tape. and its not right at all.

so when asked what harm can this do to me, and my buisness i now say back what good could it do as i cant see any good from this kind of vulgar shit

while people might wanna jerk off to there fav celeb, maybe its about time they did something better and paid for there porn and supported the new breed of porn made by real people.

i myself self publish all my porn, i film (with help) edit and publish my work. i Never do a shoot i dont get the content and rights too, this makes me a little more assertive with my work. and some dislike this unfortuantly. but This is my job and i have had issues in the past when i first started porn some 8 years ago (i decided it wasnt for me back then) where i went away and never got copies of my work.

 so this is why i now only do it how i do it.  i have to protect my income and my buisness.

I will obviously be flexible to some people but on a whole this is how i work.  I mean if your in my porn bucketlist i might push it to 2 weeks lol but my point is this is my job and i take it seriously. 

well i went off topic there lol but i am sure you get my point

you can come and check nout what i do on pornhub , twitter and insta my user name is the same crystaldenison

Gangbang with Sophie Anderson, Crystal Denison AND Katie Kay 21st Jan

hey guys Myself (crystaldenison) and Sophie Anderson (the cock destroyer) and Katie Kay are hosting a slutfest GANGBANG in Bristol at The famous Dare2Club venue.

The venue address is : 1 Alfred Street, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0RF

you can see our xxx movies from the live show we did together here and NOW ALL THE FOOTAGE FROM THE GANGBANG AT

here are some pics from our last time together

General election …

So it’s starting to look like we might have a general election … who the feck do I vote for i mean who can be trusted to keep there word …. I mean they isn’t held accountable for telling lies and until then they will just talk crap to get votes

they obv need to be pro sex work , and looking at reducing pollution. And putting money into the nhs and police Armed forces and so on

God knows lol

A weeks rest

Well this week is my week off ……. haha week off my ass lol. I have downtime planned but unfortunately the weather is crappy so i am now home and looking into making a list of videos to make in the up coming weeks when i am back in work

If you guys have ANY ideas of what you wanna see me do , dont be shy you can join my onlyfans and tell me what you wanna see

Also FUCKAFAN is back on BUT guys you will only be picked if you are a active member of my onlyfans !

PRP awards night

Well 2019 brings my first PRP awards night , i am super excited cant wait to meet everyone there plus the headliners are huge

I have the dress the shoes the bag all I’m missing is my new carts (I’m here now getting them) so i can have lots n lots of fun 🙂

I am gutted Katie Kay cant come but i am sure i shall be ok 👌 and have plenty to tell her when i get home.